Monday, February 7, 2011

bloop history: part 1 - the two-year-old genius behind the name "bloop"

My own habit of oatmeal eating began after I found out my cholesterol was slightly elevated a few years ago. When I told my mom, she suggested I start eating oatmeal.

On my next visit home, she made me the most amazing bowl of oatmeal ever; a cinnamon raisin version with nutmeg and cloves. I also learned that her renewed interest in oatmeal making was inspired by the arrival of  my four nieces.

The two-year old genius behind the name "bloop"

Mom's version of oatmeal was a hit among my nieces. So much so, that on a visit to my brother's family in Massachussettes, my niece sklyer asked if mom would make her some of that "bloop" stuff she made on a previous visit.

And, well........ Sklyer is right - oatmeal is bloopy.

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