Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amazing Craftsman

The blond fox built and designed the most perfect pastry case for our Black Sheep Bakery products. Pastry cases are super expensive to buy and super cheap to make. If anyone ever finds themselves needing a pastry case, commission the blond fox to make yours. As usual, his designs are functional and cute.

bloop's first furry friends!

Mandoo, the pup, visited bloop yesterday. Unfortunately, he already ate so no oatmeal for Mandoo. Next time he visits I'm gonna give him a big scoop of peanut butter!

I leave it to the reader to determine who is more furry, the dude with the Portland beard, or Mandoo the CiloGear Wonder Dog. Thanks for the comment Graham. I stole your line.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sitting in the cart this morning I googled bloop oatmeal to find an article posted on the Portland Food Cart website. Literally 3 seconds later three girls show up asking for oatmeal after they read about us on the site. Sweet. Read the story here.

The write up coupled with our new sign (finally- yay!) increased bloop traffic, making today our second busiest day. Once again haley created an artistic masterpiece of a sign for the cart. You can find more of her beautiful creations on etsy.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A huge thank you to D.C. Vegetarian for tweeting about us and sending us our first customers! A truly unexpected and kind gesture that really made our first week successful!

Thanks to Brett, Gerald, Heather and Pax for stopping by and everyone else, especially Corrine, our very first customer!!

But most of all my love and gratitute goes out to the blond fox, becuase without his love, support, amazing skills in..ah...yea everything, I am not sure bloop would have come to life! I am the luckiest girl on this orb known as earth.

In the works for next week:

- Black Sheep Vegan Bakery.Yum! Starting Monday bloop will have delicious trail mix bars and muffins available for sale. Black Sheep also sells bakery to Peet's Coffee among other Portland businesses. Check out their website.

- Composting...I am happy to announce that about 75% of bloop waste is organic matter which I will feed to my worm bin.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 2 & 3

We need customers!! I am ready to feed people oatmeal!

I stood outside the cart and sampled today. Even though everyone is super friendly in Portland, when a free sample gets rejected, it is hard not to feel defeated. The blond fox says I look like Girl Scout trying to sell cookies; one who stamps her feet and makes a sad face when someone doesn't take a sample.

Anyway, I don't think sampling cold oatmeal is the best strategy. I really have a hard time giving someone a free sample of cold oatmeal, when it is supposed to be hot. One of the best things about oatmeal is that it is warm and yummy when it hits the tummy. Later on I may sample my yummy cold version of soy yogurt, raw oats, cherries and walnuts.

Monday, March 15, 2010

First Day

Waking up before dawn- not so bad.
Getting set up- easy.
Sampling the oatmeal before it gets cold-
haarrrrddddd and frustrating!

Today was a lesson in mostly what not to do.

With a new, fattie "to do" list, it is gonna be a long night.

On the positive side, the cart looks really cute!!!
My friend Haley made the most adorable menu
and postcard! She is an amazing artist. Check her out!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The countdown begins....

One week until bloop officially opens! My mind is spinning with checklists and last minute details. I'm excited yet nervous......