Wednesday, February 23, 2011

last call for oatmeal :: two more days of bloop

bloop's lease is up at the end of this month. At this time we do not have plans to re-open as a food cart and we will be closing this Friday, February 25th.  We appreciate eveyone's support and business!!!
My gratitude goes out to Sanjay Chandran of Sonny Bowl for letting us share his cart for a year.  But most of all, my heart and love goes out to Matt Hilliard who ran the business of bloop over the last year. Without him, this bloopin' dream would not have been possible. This Friday we say goodbye to least for now. Keep in touch via twitter @bloopoatmeal.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

bloop history: Part II

After a nod of culinary approval from the girls I shared an apartment with in Spanish Harlem, I began to dream up a vision for bloop.

The original bloop concept was fully conceived on a hot summer night in between the bars of the L.E.S. in 2007.  bloop was envisioned as a sort of oatmeal revolution- to do for oatmeal what Magnolia did for the cupcake. My master plan was to set up shop next to Magnolia and feed the droves speciality oatmeal concoctions as they waited for their cupcakes.

bloop was to be a healthy alternative to the egg and cheese sandwich and pastry options that dot the city at the mouth of the subway entrances. bloop also sought to reinvent the soggy slop that gives oatmeal a bad name in delis, cafeterias and cafes across America.

The vision: feel yummy, be healthy, eat bloop. With a larger mission, while admittedly trite: to feed the world on oats and raisins.

While never really imagined as solely a food cart/ truck concept, after moving to Portland, and hounding my friend Sanjay of Sonny Bowl to let me rent from him and open  for breakfast, bloop was birthed!

to be continued..........................................................

Monday, February 7, 2011

bloop history: part 1 - the two-year-old genius behind the name "bloop"

My own habit of oatmeal eating began after I found out my cholesterol was slightly elevated a few years ago. When I told my mom, she suggested I start eating oatmeal.

On my next visit home, she made me the most amazing bowl of oatmeal ever; a cinnamon raisin version with nutmeg and cloves. I also learned that her renewed interest in oatmeal making was inspired by the arrival of  my four nieces.

The two-year old genius behind the name "bloop"

Mom's version of oatmeal was a hit among my nieces. So much so, that on a visit to my brother's family in Massachussettes, my niece sklyer asked if mom would make her some of that "bloop" stuff she made on a previous visit.

And, well........ Sklyer is right - oatmeal is bloopy.