Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bloop in the news

A writer from Tasting Table national working on a story about the resurgence of oatmeal contacted me a few weeks ago. bloop garnered some national attention in an article posted May 3 titled, "Oat Couture."

That article spurred some bloop buzz on Eater PDX, a site that obsessively covers restaurants, bars, chefs, etc in Portland. The site also covers edible worthy news in LA, San Fran and New York.

And today my heart sang with joy when I saw "Oatmeal on Wheels" printed on the cover of the Willamette Week (WW). I feel bad for anyone who was within 50 feet of me on the corner of 5th & Morrison this morning. I did a jig while screaming gleefully, wildly waving 5 copies of WW in my oatmeal-slinging hands. This was before my Stumptown coffee.

Yea, so if you live in Portland, get up and go to bloop.

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  1. Hey Kat,
    Thanks again for the wonderful oatmeal and accomodating my allergy last week. I could really use a bowl of your oats this morning, but alas, I am home. I look forward to visiting bloop again next time I'm in Portland. Here is the link to the review I posted: