Sunday, April 11, 2010

Farmer's Market Special: Strawberry Oatmeal

bloop special Monday, April 12: Strawberry oatmeal with bananas & walnuts. Featuring fresh strawberries from PSU's Famer's Market. Get it while it lasts!


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  2. Hey Bloop!

    So...this is the only way I am able to contact you (not currently on facebook...) and I feel weird leaving this in the form of a comment, but well, here I am.

    Anyway, I'm working on my MFA in nonfiction writing at PSU, and I'm writing a piece right now about oatmeal and why I think it's one of the tastiest/healthiest/most affordable meals around. I heard about your cart through a friend and I was hoping I could stop by and ask you guys some questions about how/why you got started in the oatmeal business, as well as responses to your menu, etc.

    It would be much appreciated if you guys had a minute to share in some of the joys of oatmeal with me!

    Okay. That's all. Here's my email:

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Of course Candace! I would love to. I will send you an e-mail.

  4. Hi Kat-

    Just read about you in a Get Sconed post on Facebook. I hope to come down and check you out some morning, except I rarely get downtown before 10. I just posted your cart in the dining guide section of the Northwest VEG web site

  5. Thanks for the comment and post Peter! Hope to see you at bloop soon.