Sunday, March 21, 2010

A huge thank you to D.C. Vegetarian for tweeting about us and sending us our first customers! A truly unexpected and kind gesture that really made our first week successful!

Thanks to Brett, Gerald, Heather and Pax for stopping by and everyone else, especially Corrine, our very first customer!!

But most of all my love and gratitute goes out to the blond fox, becuase without his love, support, amazing skills in..ah...yea everything, I am not sure bloop would have come to life! I am the luckiest girl on this orb known as earth.

In the works for next week:

- Black Sheep Vegan Bakery.Yum! Starting Monday bloop will have delicious trail mix bars and muffins available for sale. Black Sheep also sells bakery to Peet's Coffee among other Portland businesses. Check out their website.

- Composting...I am happy to announce that about 75% of bloop waste is organic matter which I will feed to my worm bin.

1 comment:

  1. I'm thinking that you guys already saw this. But in case you didn't..

    nice meeting you guys - will definitely be back and will also let my friends know about the awesome bloop!

    take care,